New Petition to Incorporate Spring-Klein as a City

June 12, 2008

Spring, TX. The residents of Spring, Texas have initiated an effort to incorporate Spring and Klein Texas into its own city, which according to the Constable Ron Hickman, “makes up 54% of the growth in Harris County”. Please read the body of the petition below.

Spring Petition                                                                   June 5,2008
We the Citizens and Business owners of Spring-Klein, Texas enter into record this petition for the independent incorporation of Spring- Klein, Texas. We seek to remove the boundaries from servitude to the City of Houston as an additional territory.  Spring-Klein is located in northwest Harris County and southeast Montgomery County. This area through this affirmation for sovereignty by acting in its own interest for a Municipal Seal and that it receive funds from the State and US treasuries as a municipality with dominion to self government.  This is to include all such funds that provide for funding to municipalities from the General Funds and all other departmental funding through the State and Federal Government.
We the citizen of Spring-Klein, Texas declare our jurisprudence for our own City thereby we shall maintain the name Spring–Klein, Texas. Also keeping with the laws and statutes of the Great State of Texas demand our right to formulate our own City Hall with elections through the democratic process for Mayoral and City Council Seats etc. In addition that we’re also provided any additional congressional and senatorial seats in our national Electoral System. 
This transition will provide for this city to operate its own Emergency Response Systems for first responders and also shall provide a city government as well as to elect its legislative and senatorial seats at both State and Federal legislative branches in accordance to regulations and Statutes and the past practices  of formulating the independence of  other cities such as Sugarland, West University Place, Southside Place, Bellaire, Webster, Baytown, Etc. Due to our size and our population we find our position in order that of all the listed cites in this document Spring is the largest of them all.
We shall continue as an established part of the Metropolitan Area of the City of Houston and feel our position adds to the Metropolis. However our intent is to increase upon our growth and our ability to maintain Law and Order to our region keeping with the growth by the establishment of City Ordinances enforced by the Spring-Klein Police Department.
We as Citizens and Business owners of Spring maintain the right to all land trust pertinent to the laws and statutes of State of Texas demand all original boundaries be respected and any new territory by which there are undiscovered boundaries. We ask these and any boundaries are respected and all lands belonging to the Spring- Klein Area are indeed through this process protected from future annexation by Houston or the Woodlands.  This will insure proper taxation for the complete area and that no land be negotiated to Houston, The Woodlands or any area in the Metropolis thereto misappropriation by any means  
By the signature of the citizens of Spring-Klein this petition is duly entered into record that Due process for the aforesaid requests are reviewed by the legislation which will under the statutes of the Great State of Texas allow for this referendum be place on the ballot for the Citizens to weigh all issues and vote thereto. 

Plans are in the works for a Town Hall Meeting, however, the petition is available for signing at the following locations in Spring:

●  Online at http://www.thepetitionsite.com/1/spring-klein-petition

●  Najjias Fine Furniture (6526 FM2920)

●  Smoothie Factory(2920/Kuykendahl, Chase bank parking lot)

●  Spinzers Corner Store (Kuykendahl/Willow Forest)

●  Alexander’s Academy (Old Town Spring)

If you are a business owner and would like to host a petition signing, pleas email the Spring-Klein Chamber, at info@springkleinchamber.org.


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