Spring Neighborhood to be Ruined by Tollway

August 20, 2008

A recent article posted in the Houston Chronicles identifies Lakes of Avalon Village, a Spring, Texas neighborhood as potentially being on the chopping block to accommodate the four-lane tollway that is planned to be built. Though the Grand Parkway project has been on the books for about 25 years, its completion through Spring has been in the planning stages since about 2003 and has been the subject of much debate. 

The biggest travesty here is that the builder was aware of the planned highway and built the neighborhood anyway. The 2nd travesty is that the county fails to adequately zone the unicorporated areas of Harris county to protect such disasters from happening.  The homeowner is treated egregiously and results in a breach of public trust!

This is why I support the petition for Spring-Klein cityhood. Spring needs to be its own city, so it can control it’s zoning, schools, law enforcement and more.  I don’t know if we can stop the Grand Parkway or not. However, if we ban together, we can form our own government we can protect what is left of Spring. To read the Houston Chronicle article in full, please read Spring residents learn subdivision is in tollway’s path — and wonder why they weren’t told


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