Spring Texas and Hurricane Ike

September 12, 2008

While Spring is not in the evacuation zone, strong winds ranging from 60 – 70 mph are expected. If you haven’t already, please be prepared for power outages (i.e. can goods, radio, batteries, fill tubs with water, etc.), make sure all items in your yard that can be blown away are brought inside or tied down. Most of all make sure you stay inside and designate a center point in your home where there are no windows where you can be safe if your windows break!!!


Stay up to date with Spring Texas Information at ExploreSpring.com.



  1. 60 to 70 mph is just the standard rhetoric level of the blow hards in Austin.

    No problemo.

  2. I pray so. It’s been a long time since I’ve experienced winds like this and I can’t remember.

  3. Hell’s bells, worried about a daughter in Spring … where are the bloggers?

  4. I hope you found your daughter. Everything was down during the storm and the last couple of days.

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