How to Promote Your Business on ExploreSpring.com

December 27, 2008

· Calendar of Events: Just click on a calendar date, enter your event, and click to submit.

· Submit News Button: Just click on “Submit News,” fill in the pop-up form, and click to submit.

· Put Us On Your Mailing List: Put us on your automatic mailing list to receive your newsletters and special events mailings, advertise@explorespring.com.

· Write Articles: Write articles for us.

· Send Us Pictures Of Your People & Events: Send an email with names of people in pictures, attach photos to regular email at .jpg files.

· Invite Me To Speak To Your Groups.

· Include ExploreSpring.com In Your Advertising Budget

· Add Your Business to Our Business Directory: A Basic Plus Listing is only $25. Get listed in 1 category, and a link to your web site. Upgrade to a Copper listing for just $67.13, which includes 1 category, bold highlight, 150 character business descriptions, 1 month rotating banner ad, 1 month online printable coupon and a link to your web site. Register today to get your FREE listing.

· Sponsor a monthly photo contest. You are featured on our home page for 1 month.

Elle Carnes, Publisher
Tel: 281-912-1107
Fax: 800-353-2395
Email: info@explorespring.com


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