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Interesting Comment from Reader, What do you think?

May 12, 2010

There has been a lot of discussion about the Mexican flag incident at Klein Collins HS recently. An reader sent me this email and I am curious as to what the readers of think. The email reads as follows:

“I saw an article in the National News, that a school in your town had suspended a student for removing a Mexico Flag from being flown inside the school in a high place of honor.
My son lived in Spring for several years, and I have friends and relatives there, still – and I was shocked.

After all, if a school were to hang an American Flag that was, PHOTO WAS INCLUDED, I hate to tell you this, but the persons who did it would have been summarily executed as the Mexico Constitution demands. Except the police wouldn’t try too hard to rescue those folks from the mob that would “take care of it first” with govt blessings.

We understand many places in the USA have “SANCTUARY” attitudes towards Illegal Aliens – but it is hard to believe that they would go so far as to deliberately show the world they would rather belong to Mexico than to the USA.

Mexico would take a student who defended the Mexico flag from a foreign flag being flown disrespectfully in the place of the Mexican flag, and make a national hero of the student, but your local school administration has not seen fit to honor their own American citizenship.

I am wondering how the TOWN intends to respond to this.

Clearly, I do not want the school administration summarily executed as Mexico would do if that were a Mexico school, but just as clearly, I think it would be excruciatingly dangerous to have such unbalanced attitudes in the oversight of my own child’s or grandchildren’s education, and their physical safety for half the day, most of any given year.

In case anyone is interested, hanging the MEXICO flag is NOT just “honoring the illegal aliens over USA CITIZEN Hispanics or other Citizen students”, but actually goes much further, declaring Citizens of the USA to be of no consequence, not merely LESSER consequence, but most nations of the wold still legally and Constitutionally, have the same attitudes as Mexico that this would be Treason.

I would feel that would put my children and grandchildren into the center, as underage minors, in such a politically volatile hotspot that their very lives would be constantly in danger, and they would have no defense whatsoever from those who are supposed to be responsible for their care.

I am very concerned as a fellow Texan.

I want you to know that I have ALWAYS considered Spring to be one of the nicest communities in Texas, and always had before this considered family and friends in Spring to be fortunate in their beautiful surroundings.

I am in deep prayer for the safety for Spring, and hope that in these difficult times, that Spring enjoys an abiding security and steady course for a healthy and contented community.”

Klein ISD has issued a statement at the following link

What do you think?